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A community of women who want to see each other thrive.

Starting Wednesday, November 18, 2020, the Leading Series will take participants through an eight-week online program with content on defining what leadership is, reviewing books on notable women in history who exemplify leadership, and getting the (financial) resources to further one’s leadership goals.

The program will focus on the following sub-topics:

  1. What's the best way to define leadership?
  2. What is a "good" risk?
  3. When do we take responsibility for how others view us?
  4. How do we motivate others to support our dreams?
  5. Where's the money (to support my dreams)?
  6. Define "good investment"?
  7. What are five steps to introduce yourself to the world (of business and politics)?
  8. Let's create a personal brand from scratch.

After the initial eight weeks of programming, three participants will have a chance to earn a loan of $100-$500 USD to further their leadership goals in business and/or politics.

This program is open to women of African descent, or who identify as part of the African diaspora (e.g. Caribbean, South American/Afro-Latino, mixed race, etc).